Selections L5 and L6 Teams
Team Selections

L5 Dean's Team

Alex Newall
Brady Weir
Cameron Hoek
Christian D'Agostini
Dean Palimaka
Dominic Krasinkiewicz
Ethan Charron
Isaiah Edlington
James Brown
Josh Allen
Josh Gulamadeen
Kedrich Vasquez
Kyle Flamminio
Mateo Troiani
Michael Howe
Nathan Hawkes
Ryan Janssens

Tom LaCroix's L6 Team

Spencer Archer
Connor Antosiak
Keegan Clark
Nick Sowden
Thomas Elek
Zach Tremblay
Logan Baker
Nolan Schleihauf
Vraj Shah
Jimmy Simpson
Tyler Caron
Madison Rankin
Andrew Harron
Cameron Lacroix
Justin Cain
Nathan Ingles
Suhail Khan
Clayton Thiel

Congratulations on your selection!

Coaches would like to thank everyone who attended tryouts and who braved the elements. If you did not make the team, PLEASE be encouraged to continue to work hard and improve your skills and play the game you LOVE!

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March and April practices are also evaluations
Please note that the March and April practices are also evaluations.
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Have a reschedule this weekend
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